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Bobadan (Southern Slang: bobaḍan – the Celebration of all things Bob) is an Oklahoma unique near religious period of observance that takes place during the sixty days following the summer solstice which coincides with the time year in which lake pleasures began to be revealed. The Fourth of July is the most holy day during Bobadan and was established to commemorate the exposure of the first female breasts via the loss of a bikini top at Lake Texhoma Lake in the late 1970’s. Bobadan ends with the holiday College Football Kickoff weekend, on which feasts and tailgate parties throughout Oklahoma are held.

The name "Bobadan” was originally known as “Bubbadon”, but due to numerous misquotes was changed to “Bobadan” following the plane crash that killed three members of the Southern Rock Band Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1977.

It is an all encompassing festival that is rooted in southern culture and includes all things southern such as lake/ river activities, mullets, pickup trucks and well placed tattoos. Bobadan favorites include fireworks, watermelon, county fairs, tequila, any self gratifying behavior, and anything pork. It is the most venerated and blessed time of year in the South.

Official Song of Bobadan - All Summer Long by Kid Rock
I can't wait till Bobadan to destroy me some fried chicken and ribs!
by Sooner092 June 25, 2010
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