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(noun or adjective) 1. a. used to describe what we have all come to understand as a friend who doesn't want to go with you to the bar or sporting event or what have you. 2. a group of individuals around the whereabouts of Somalia, whose sole purpose it to commandeer water-borne vessels for ransom. 3. a seasoned gynecologist. 4. (verb) have sex so deep you hit the fallopian tubes.
1. Hey man! Don't be such a mofolopian! Let's go to the bar!
Don't hang out with that ugly girl! Get over here and watch the game you mofolopian!
2. Hey man! Don't be such a mofolopian! Leave my boat alone!
3. Hey doc! Leave my butt alone you Mofolopian!
4. Hey girl, I am going to mofolopian you and your hot girlfriend's fallopian tubes on this leather couch at my penthouse suite at the top of the MGM Grand Hotel.
by Somebody that knows Blake December 10, 2010

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Derived from the witnessing of actions of the severly mentally handicapped. Word is often accompanied with both arms in motion, hands clasped with only the index fingers extended, right arm pointed upward and left arm pointed to center of body. Meaning is: that is dumb or they, you or I am dumb.
As a Verb: He goinks at the driver for not taking his turn at the stop sign.

As a Noun: Lewis is such a freaking Goink.

As an Interjection: That was stupid, GOINK!

I should know, I made up the word goink. All other definitions are not as applicable, GOINK!

by Somebody that knows Blake April 22, 2007

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