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One of the 6 locations featured in Hitman (2016). As of 2021, it has 3 extra missions: The Icon, Landslide, and The Author. It is one of, if not potentially the biggest map in the hitman trilogy, with 7 floors, and a hell of a lot of sniper contracts.
John: Hey Mark, how are you doing on the Sapienza map?
Mark: Wow, it's great! It is sooooo big! But the mission is kinda easy tho.
John: Yeah, i'm currently trying to do The Author, it's kinda hard though.
Mark: Don't worry, i bet you'll beat it someday!
by SomeUrbDicUser April 3, 2021
For somebody who isn't even a little bitch. A fucking little bitch.
Paul: Dude, did you hear about how Anna cheated on her boyfriend because she was mad at him?
Mark: Wow, what a fucking little bitch she was.
by SomeUrbDicUser November 29, 2019