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someone who either runs the bans or controls a minecraft server or a group in one. usually admins act like they lead a social elite (or mods) and think they have full control over its players, they tend to be more caring for there donators then a non donor, its common for one to have a petty life or a lack of social skills. if the server has a online forum, they tend to be a monarch on it. most admins take there duty too seriously like a job in real life.
lets just say this is a average admin on a small server with usually 5-20 people online on average

minecraft player: yay a new server that I can play with my friends!
admin: please read the rules.
minecraft player: I did, there all the same anyway
donator: this rules are different
minecraft player: not really
admin: if you do think there different, please read them again.
minecraft player: no that's stupid
*admin kicks the minecraft player, he joins back*
admin: please learn to respect all the staff and listen to them or you'll be banned.
minecraft player: are you a robot?
donator: you really need to respect admins
minecraft player: shut up youre not a mod
admin: this is you last warning, if you do not stop now, you will be banned. now apologize to *donators name*
minecraft player: thats gay who says sorry over a game
*minecraft player is banned forever for the following reason: im sick of your attitude.

notice how the minecraft admin was the only one who used proper typing.....
by some smart guy April 26, 2014
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Frech origin: It's a last name.

1. It means wood.

2. It means a man of the woods.

3. Refers to a wood worker. You can say a carpenter as such.
Hi Mr. DuBois hows it going!

DuBois, is here lets party.
by Some smart guy February 04, 2010
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