1 definition by Solomon01

A person who is saying he/she is a right wing on politics, without having any clue about politics and constantly propagate incorrect and weak arguments heard on right wing media.

Billionaire simps

Stockholm syndrome after being fucked by rich people on a regular basis.

People who think being a modern slave and having the "freedom" to work hard and become one of the very few slave owners (billionaire) is the definition of personal liberty.

Propably dreams of sucking Elon Musk dick and thinks this is not gat because the guy is A SAVIOR OF HUMANITY.

We can safely say that their right wing preferences are lacking so much evidence, arguments, and reasoning led to the conclusion that they are (politically) incapable of doing basic mental processes for finding answers to simple questions.
A: Look, this guy bought an NFT with Jeff Bezzos face on it!

B: Rightards
by Solomon01 February 4, 2022