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When its been snowing and you have a snowball fight, then sum 1 runs up behind you, rugby tackles you/grabs ur legs/pushed you over/ jumps on your back. You are then on the floor and the person who did it to you and loads ov other people kick the snow near you in your face and all over you and down ur clothes ect.ect.
* Jesus Christ , did u see that lass get snowmanned .. it was offit i swear down

* If those shitty arse kids dont pack in shottin snow at me ed am gonna go snowman one ov them
by SoRtED cHiCk February 21, 2005
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parmo short for parmozan :FromMiddlesbroughnowhere else * mint town * in the north east of england !! its lyk chicken or beef with a creamy sauce on top and then cheese melted on too * tastey as fook *
"oryt bash !! wanna go get a parmo ?"
"okie dokie chick"
" away then ..am fukkin marvin !! "
by SoRtED cHiCk December 14, 2004
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