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A huge suburban house party, where 25 - 30 friends are invited and somehow many uninvited attendees make appearances. The cops are bound to show up from hearing the sound of the bass from the street. People are passing out on the front lawn, and there might be a shopping cart in the pool.
That myrfest was off the hook, I can't find my shoes and most of my booze is gone!
by snickerknickerbox May 22, 2012
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An American living in Canada and is almost considered an outcast considering he is used to his common american culture. Instead of Hockey he loves Football, drives in a shitty car, and loves the color green. He is confused about his orientation. He tries to get girls but fails miserably.
Man, I could have scored with that chick but I didn't ...

You're such a Goggans...
by Snickerknickerbox July 21, 2008
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