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a very happy girl, crafty and creative, always with a smile on her face. Can be your very best friend or your worst enemy- usually your best friend. Very sweet and friendly often stubborn and very outspoken. She stands up for what she thinks is right and defends those that are too shy to defend themselves. Her favorite thing is Smiley Faces.
I don't like my new supervisor, I wish she was Sara.
by SmileyAddict November 21, 2010

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Being addicted to anything and everything having to do with smiley faces. The person is usually very happy and has a positive attitude. Someone who can't live without smiles in their life and makes it a mission to spread smiles to everyone they can! :)
Sara is such a smile addict- she always puts me in a good mood.
by SmileyAddict November 24, 2010

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A happy, fun, religion that praises the Smile Gods. Someone who believes in smileism does not worship in a building or on a certain day, but spreads the word of the SMILE where ever they go all the time.
Smileism changed my life- I have never been happier!
by SmileyAddict November 24, 2010

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