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Lonsdale is simply a line of boxing equipment and clothing originating in London. Skinheads and hard mods have traditionally worn the clothing for its great stylishness, and for thier love for the sport of boxing, long before nazi boneheads who call themselves skinheads ever existed. Trads, SHARPS, and skinheads of all sorts still wear Lonsdale clothing with pride. Apparently, nazi boneheads have concocted a stupid moniker for Lonsdale. Shame.
"I look really sharp in my Lonsdale harrington jacket"
by Sluggo Skin October 29, 2006
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A cigarette dipped in formaldehyde. Smoking a stick of woo causes the user to become very warm, creating a desire to strip away clothing.
Chris and Ryan smoked a stick of woo, then streaked through Borders bookstore.
by Sluggo Skin October 26, 2006
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A youth who has recently become a skinhead.
The older skinheads gave the fresh cut a real good hazing. They poured beer all over him, and scuffed up his boots.
by Sluggo Skin October 07, 2006
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