3 definitions by Sleigh Bells

Phrase used to tell someone to care or be sympathetic.
Boy 1: Whatever, forget the guy. Let's go.

Boy 2: Have a heart!


" Have a heart, sixteen six six six and I know the part."
by Sleigh Bells October 31, 2014
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A paperboy is that person, (male or female) who goes around talking about what they heard. A gossiper, but are usually giving information to a specific person.
Boy 1: You did hear about what Jenn did in the morning right?

Girl 1: You Girl 2's paperboy now?
by Sleigh Bells October 30, 2014
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Don't give up. It is also a Black Sabbath album and Sleigh Bells song.
Girl 1: I'll never get done in time!

Girl 2: Never say die.

Even through all that pain, he never said die.
by Sleigh Bells October 31, 2014
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