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The younger, unpopular and failed brother of Bigfoot.

Much the same as his older brother, but smaller, with untidy, ungroomed hair.

His parents regard him as a failure.
James: Hey! Frank! While I was out shooting bears with my Dad we seen Smallfoot! Fucking wicked!!

Frank: Shut up James. Smallfoot is a failure. You should have turned the other cheek.

James: Oh. Alright

Frank: It's Bigfoot or bust, brother.
by Sleazehound January 20, 2010

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The Bigfoot Fish is a hybrid version of American legend and goldfish.

Due to it's relatively small population, Bigfoot Fish trawls the depths of the ocean using it's one hairy foot attached to the top of its' head to proper itself. Due to its' design, the Bigfoot Fish, it often drowns due to its' need to remain upside down to walk along the bottom.
*In a submarine*

Guy 1: Woah, shit dudes! I just seen a Bigfoot Fish!

Guy 2: No way man! Are you sure?

Guy 1: Yeah dude! It was like, furry, and crap, and was like, upside down, and like, dude!

Guy 2: No way man! No way!

Guy 1: Yeah. It caught some fish dude. Was rad dude!

Guy 2: What man? Do they eat fish?

Guy 1: Yeah dude! It lives in water dude! It doesn't eat leaves or men like Bigfoot dude!

Guy 2: But you said it was a Bigfoot Fish man.

Guy 1: Yeah dude. It was dude!

Guy 2: Fuck. I'm confused man.
by Sleazehound January 20, 2010

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