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the first name of the legendary transformer Awesomus Prime. Also known as Andy Rumfitt
Awesomus Prime came to the aid of the autobots just in time.
by Slang Master Zen November 8, 2013
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Someone who simply doesn't give a shit and does what they want regardless of the odds or mass opposition they face.

However someone cannot be a temporary honey badger. They either are or they are not as they must be like this in every scenario.
Look at his face, he doesn't give a shit. Hes a Honey Badger!

He doesn't care what that guy had to say... hes a mofo honey badger
by Slang Master Zen November 18, 2014
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A friendly taunt of gesture made to a friend for no other reason than you can and its funny.
Put your index finger sideways under someones nose and say "mustache finger?" if you succeed and get them you will win bro points... if they somehow avoid your attempt they get bro points.
by Slang Master Zen November 18, 2014
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