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A piece of unleavened bread found at Southern California restaurant Koo-Koo-Roo underneath chicken dishes. Figurative definition is a codeword for "let's get the f**k outta here". Commonly used at parties/functions hosted by close friends/acquaintances who would be offended if they were to learn of your desire to depart said party (usually without notifying the host/hostess of your departure)
"Well, this party kind of sucks. What say we chill for a bit, say our hello's, and then in 10-15 minutes, Lavosh!"
by Slam Hound April 21, 2005

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To inconvenience someone (can be either used as a noun or a verb)
v. - Aww, man. How are you gonna slater me like that? I front $500 for courtside seats and you tell me last minute you have a date??

n. - By standing me up, that was a real slater.

(I think Mario Lopez's character, 'JC Slater', from "Saved By the Bell" has something to do with this definition. I didn't make it up, my friends from the east coast used it)
by Slam Hound April 20, 2006

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