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A mall in down town elyria,ohio, it consists of basically about six stores. A flocking area for fake scene kids and hobos to rest before smoking joints and going to 10 dollar chenga shows.

Has a fabulous food court with 5 eateries, Taco bell, 2 Asian eateries, that pizza place no one can pronounce, and Arby's.

*Also known by the locals as Ghetto Town Mall
Dude lets head up to Midway Mall, my gurl is there.

Man me and Cody EMO go to midway mall every day to just hang out.

I always smoke joints behind midway mall.
by Skyyyyy May 24, 2009
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A beard that is well rounded and causes happiness when looked at
Wow that man at the county fair is hot

it is because of his beard of thunder !
by Skyyyyy May 24, 2009
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