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A person who rows on a crew team and has made crew his or her life, blowing off school work or not hanging out with friends because they have practice or a race instead.
Hey man, you wanna hang out after school?
Sorry, I can't. I have crew practice.
Oh come on man. Don't be such a crewtard!
by Skullingisnotfornovice November 15, 2011
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An awesome high school youth group at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida. It takes place every Wednesday night at seven o' clock. It is led by Pastor Josh Hawk (aka the coolest guy you will ever meet) and includes an amazing worship band, small groups led by some great people, and the promise that you will experience God like never before.
"Hey you gonna come to my party Wednesday?"
"Can't man. I'm going to The Move."
"What's that?"
"The greatest place you will ever go throughout your high school career."
by Skullingisnotfornovice November 16, 2011
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