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Verb - A quick cover up in case the word "masturbate" is spoken innappropriately or ill timed.
Me Hey, want to masturbate with me?
Her Excuse me?
Me I asked if you would like to masticate.
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005

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Many people may claim to be pro-life or pro-choice, however there is a growing populace of "Pro-Death" individuals.

One who is Pro-Death often suffers from apathy and encourages inane genocide among anyone- pro-life and pro-choice supporters included.
Pro-life spokesman Do not throw your fetuses away! They are our nation's future!
Me, whom is pro-death I don't care what you say! They are delicious!
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005

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NOUN - home brewed absinthe put into an empty gatorade bottle (or perhaps another energy sports beverage) that is braught to school or work.
Me Hey, smell this gatorade
friend oh my, your green gatorade has gone rancid
Me It's absinthe
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005

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Pronounced: Dh-ark*syde... bitch


Much similar to east and west/ north and south side unwritten zoning laws among underprivledged/well armed african americans, the Dark Side is one of many locations that a Star Wars fanboy (or Jedi) may reside to seek out refuge from polar gangs (often known as the light side, or "rebels")

However, by claiming a title from any of these nerd zoning laws, one automatically delays the next time he/she/it will have sexual contact of any sort. Also, Dark side members take a massive karma loss, but may wear sith armor.
Tim joined the dark side, and is now an evil sith lord. Let us beat him up my fellow negroes.
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005

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To continuously play your favorite songs on a jukebox or stereo in order to prevent others from playing their less desired music.
"Mind if I put on Seal?"
"Only if you can get dave to stop bullying the jukebox."
by Skin Twig July 17, 2017

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