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A family you just don't talk shit about, or your bound to get your legs broken. Often drinking copious amounts of alcohol you don't want to fight them drunk or sober as they always carry Karambits in their waist. They will have no remorse dragging you to your house, breaking your legs and throwing you through your garage door, as your family watches.
I wanted to talk shit about that Nagami, but i held my tongue for my families safety.
by Skeezernator November 24, 2010
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A very interesting cat that lives in Toronto. Usually can be found pulling ninja like moves while fucking mad cat hoes.
Rob: Damn i'm proud to own this balling cat named Serious.

Ben: Your cat is gay.

Serious Cat: Get at me "breaks Ben's neck"

by Skeezernator April 14, 2011
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