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A person that is mixed with confidence and shyness. One day a person is extremely confident of something, or the next moment or timing the person is shy and nervous. Depending on the situation.
Paul-"Yo Gary are you scared to approach that girl over there and trying to get her number?"

Gary-"I am somewhat, but then I'm not...But I'm shyfident. I'm kind of shy and scared but I'm confident at the same time and think I can get it."
by Sivraj85 November 25, 2011
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To be cold-blooded. Usually a phrase type used in sports when you're clutch under pressure and you rise against adversity.
When the game is on the line you gotta have ice in your veins.

Kobe Bryant has ice in his veins. He shows no mercy against his opponent when the game is on the line when he slashes through players with killer instinct.
by Sivraj85 February 15, 2012
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