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The love of the Southern heritage (whether you have it or not) all around the world for hillbillys, rednecks, hicks, country boys, etc.
by Simonds July 20, 2006
similar to the national olympics but instead of ice skatin' or swimmin' an such, there's sports like hay bale jumpin', mud wrasslin', mud tug-of-war, cow tippin', and frog giggin'.
The ferst round of the redneck olympics was the cow tippin'.
by Simonds July 20, 2006
Revised Redneck Characteristic List from the 17th definition:

1. Nascar, Huntin, AND muddin are the main sports
2. Some of us can be very good spellers if we choose it
3. We can pronounce words albeit alittle slowly
4. Duct tape on a car CAN be sexy
5. 30-40+year old trucks have wonderful potential(67 Fords& 85 Chevys)
6. We are VERY sarcastic people, you just don't know
7. Old license plates, deer heads on the wall, and guns (not coins) are great to collect
8. "fart" is not a swear word (it means our in-public flatulations)
9. We listen to country, rock, and occasionaly rap
10. Some of us are computer literate, we're called "hi-tech rednecks"
11. Incest is for white trash, and mountain folk
12. We take logic classes, thank you
13. The main favorite colors are plaid and camo
14. Hell yeah we proudly fly our Confederate flags
15. Our houses would be haunted by civil war ghosts if the house was over a battlefield
16. Roaches are only our best friend when they're not bein shot at with our BB guns fer fun practice
17. We do not keep old Pepsi bottles of urine, it's more'n likely old bottles of dip spit
18. We don't go to ebay for old vehicles, we go to junkyards
19. We don't use MSN, it's more like free Yahoo email or a few of us actually have AOL
20. Most rednecks have to be seriously infatuated with a girl to go "head over heels" for her
21. We are always proud to be a redneck because incest is fer them mountian people and white trash

I'm not makin' this up. I am a proud reneck and I know a helluva lot more like me.
Them rednecks sure had fun at the mud hole last night.
by Simonds July 21, 2006