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When one is constipated then, has someone fist their asshole to pull out the poop.
Girl: Oh honey, not tonight, I'm so constipated!"

Guy: "You just need to be fisticated!"
by simmie April 04, 2015
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Gaggin for it is to be in desperate need of sex - horny as hell. Usually heard by youths in Perthshire - Scotland
Sandy - ere mate that lassie's checkin u oot
(hey, buddy that girl is staring at you(
Hamish - aye a ken man shes pure gaggin for it
(yes i know shes in desperate need of a lay)
by Simmie August 04, 2007
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A tool used to stab an individual, mostly foreigners seeking employment during the summers months in northern Scotland.
Tam: Ere Sandy, pass us yer chibber so a can chib that berry buck.
Sandy: Awright Tam jus dinnae tax it aefter, gee it back when yer done.
by Simmie August 03, 2007
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