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The name given to a supernatural being in which millions place their faith. Regardless of the truth of his/her existance, just the thought that he/she might be there has given strength to many. However at the same time, God has been blamed for many possibly man-made mistakes (ex. mass murder in his/her name, when in fact most religious texts have something to the effect of "Do Not Kill.") In the end, belief is not something that can be forced upon anyone, but it is up to everyone to decide what they believe.
Crusader: We must reclaim the Holy Land!
God: Why?
Crusader: For your glory, we will kill the non-believers.
God: Hows about you hand me a coke and we'll call it even.
by Silentedge August 24, 2009

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A void in modern internet literacy, which has been quickly replaced by the need to express often pointless and poorly-thought-out ideas as quickly as possible. This includes the shortening of a three letter word into one letter (you-u) and a two letter word into a number (to-2).
I haf 2 b ther. cya l8er.

Crocodile Hunter: Rightt, what you see there just beyond those bushes. That's spelling, exceptionally rare these days.
by Silentedge August 24, 2009

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