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When a World of WarCrack addict confuses latent homosexuality with MMORPG player excellence. The truth is, as their World of WarCrack addiction drains their bank accounts dry, these, usually, young, smooth, and often hairless, teenage looking men will sell themselves on websites like TwinksforCash.com and Twinkdreams.com in order to feed this MMORPG related addiction they have.

Often times, Twinks will have "Fabulous" World of WarCrack characters, but this is merely due to the fact that they are channeling their latent, if not closeted, homosexuality into a rather competitively, and masculine designed, sport they can play without any of the necessary "rigorous" exercises of traditional, and physical, sports that would otherwise ruin their slender physique.

Furthermore, Twinks will often forget to eat, or stop eating all together, as an Anorexic would, but not because of weight related issues, but because it interferes with their capacity to demonstrate excellent game play.
17:35 <@Zynger> Hey, look Kenorvus, Jaal showed up on TwinksforCash.com again this month.
17:36 <@Zynger> You know, that LVL 63 Undead Warlock.
17:38 <@Kenorvus> Man, I knew it would happen again.
17:38 <@Zynger> How so?
17:38 <@Kenorvus> He kept pushing people to do Hellfire Citadel with him, and before you know it, he can't afford the Monthly fee.
17:40 <@Zynger> Yeah, true.
17:40 <@Zynger> Well, I guess thats what he gets for acting like a Twink in the first place XD
17:41 <@Kenorvus> I don't understand why he doesn't go to Gaysugardaddy.com instead.
17:42 <@Zynger> Well, for Jaal, or Twinks in general, that would be too much of a committment outside WoW. With TwinksforCash.com, Twinks can do it, get paid, and go straight back to playing.
17:42 <@Kenorvus> Thats so pathetic, its sad.
17:42 <@Kenorvus> I guess that explains why they are so good at WoW, because other than that, they only know how to suck cock.
17:43 <@Zynger> I guess only the best do :p
by Silencer363 June 05, 2007
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