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On this day, Despite the fact that everything went well June 6th, 1906, 1806, 1706, etc, People claim the world will come to an end with the birth of the anti-christ. This so called 'anti-christ' is said to be either satan, or his son, walking the earth. In an attempt to collect souls for his 'hell harvest' - The devil will be clense from the earth and banished to hell. Inreturn and to stop this event from happening once more - Jesus will gather all good hearted humans up and take them to heaven. Remaining humans, who are indeed evil, will be forced to hell with the eternal burning of earth. There is only one way to prevent this birth of the anti-christ... Birth Pills and Lots of Condoms.
Mom: I'm pregnant!
Dad: Finally! We can have a son! When's he due?
Mom: June 6th, 2006!
Dad: That's gre-....
Mom: What's wrong dear?
* Dad clenses knife in hand. *
Dad: I'm sorry...
by Siientx May 22, 2006