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1) The act of being given back your virginity through force.

2) The act of your virginity forcefully being thrown back into your body.

If you are in the act of Reverse Rape and you have not lost your virginity in the first place. You then have two virginity's, or more commonly known as Virginity².
Jim: Dude, I just got reverse raped...
Bob: How did you manage that?
Jim: It just happened! It was all so sudden.
by Sieabah L. park April 17, 2010
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To be Canadian and also a faggot.
You: Stfu canaggot
Canadian: WTF MAN
by Sieabah L. Park August 20, 2010
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Pronunciation: (Fap-ah-nay-tore)

1. (n) Someone who has the urge to fap almost every minute of the entire day

2. (n) Someone who continually faps throughout the whole day.

3. (v) Excessive fapping as to cause Erectile Dysfunction
Jim: You're such a fapinator!
Bob: I'm a fapinatee, I'm on the road to ED.
by Sieabah L. Park April 20, 2010
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1) A fat black homosexual.

2) A black homosexual that enjoys to dig.

See digger and nagget
Huck: Hey Jim, why you gots to be so black?
Jim: Weel boi you gots to understands the natures of us peepl.
Huck: Shut up Jim. Move over, somethings a poking me in the rear.
Jim: donts worry bout dat der boi.
Huck: Jim, are ye a diggernagget?
Jim: I donts kno wat dat der werd evn means

(Source: Huckleberry Finn)
by Sieabah L. Park August 28, 2011
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1) Retarded way of saying edumacation.

2) Full-retard
Normal kid: SHUT UP
by Sieabah L. Park September 08, 2011
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1) A Jewish mormon who is also a faggot.
Josh: PENNY!
Ryan: Damn, jewsh, penny pincher fag.
Josh: Shut the fack up!

Actual religion of josh: Mormon
Josh is a 'fagormonjew'
by Sieabah L. Park September 12, 2011
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1) A mac loving faggot

2) Mac-Faggot

3) An idiot who wants to have all thought done by apple.

1) To be anally raped by a mac powered dildo cannon.
Tina: I'm thinking about buying a mac to webcam with you
Dwanye: You're gonna be a macgot.
Tina: Don't you want to see me on the cam
Dwanye: Go buy yourself a fucking webcam instead of a mac.
If you're on a Mac right now. Go fuck yourself with the Apple Dildo Cannon for $5,000. You'll love the speed, power, and RAM it has on your anus that you'll forget about using that nice comfortable personalized cannon that you used to use.
by Sieabah L. Park September 30, 2011
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