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Also known as anxiety attack. When something so worrisome that makes you anious till it effects you physically. It can be consider one of the worst but most common mental horrors. It affects many who have overcome traumatic experiences when something triggers their mind/brian to "rexperience" it to the point it makes them physically ill. Can be triggered by word, feeling, sound, smell, etc. Most who suffer from panick attakcs cannot be left alone if its so sever. Might be considered like a seizur for its usually sub-consioues and unpredictable. It may last for seconds to days. Many can sleep it off or take sedatives to get over it. Many can over come it by mind tricking method's, such as extreme detailed sensory stories, singing, focusing on one thing etc. Some may cope with then symptoms by merely breathing slowly, holding someone's hand(s) or talking. It is sometimes very hard to find what triggered the attack but when you do you can use the information to prevent an attack.
OMG, that girl is having a panic attack.Hold her hand and tell her to breath slowly while I call her shrink!
by ShrinkyWinky April 20, 2007
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