1 definition by Shpeee

legit sleeper of a fukboi.... turn away thinking his inconspicuous appearance poses no threat to your relationship and find your self in a world of loneliness and misery as he smashes your waifu in front of you a second later, making her moan in upto 8 octaves. A tf2 trading god....legend says he's the Indian gaben.....another legend says the latter legend is an understatement. Indeed the prototype of how manly a man could get. Being the group admin also keeps his ego as high as his gross monthly income from all the trading & the multiple contrabands he runs. Truly a labyrinth of a person.
Dude, Ayab is legit the shizz in trading right now....which isn't saying much to his credit since tf2 is gonna die soon anyway.
by Shpeee July 5, 2018
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