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The kind of very saggy tits you'd want with you if you ever got shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. If you tie them together in the middle by the nipples you can make an impromptu hammock allowing you to doze away comfortably up off of the ground where coconut crabs might otherwise bite you in your sleep.
"Karen listen, I'm pleased you were the only other survivor of that shipwreck. If it weren't for you and the fact that I could make a nice swinging hammock out of your shipwreck tits, I would have been painfully bitten by a coconut or spider crab in my sleep. You're still here? I thought I told you to scavenge around the island and look for ingredients that would make a suitable sandwich. I thought I saw some lettuce growing in a patch on that mountainside. I don't want any of that on my sandwich. I killed a parrot yesterday, here see what you can do with this."
by Showdown Sean November 06, 2011

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When the slime from a vagina coats one's face after a cunnilingus session and the pubic hairs of the vaginal region become glued in a matted layer via the adhesive action of said slime.

When one raises one face, it appears as if one is sporting a mask made of beaver fur.
"Walter ate me out last night but he was so enthusiastic about it I didn't have the heart to tell him I hadn't had a chance to wash up after shaving. When he came up afterwards to give me a kiss I asked him if it was Halloween because he was wearing a beaver mask."
by Showdown Sean October 28, 2011

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