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A casual player, a pleb or a noob. Preferably likes to run an SK12 in a late game of PUBG.
MIG3 is so casual he can’t even carry his own weight.
by Shock of Dreams June 13, 2018

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The most amazing female known to man. She acquires the most amazing voice. She loves animals. A girl who you cant seem to forget. She is always in your heart no matter what. She likes Hello Kitty stuff and enjoys cuddling. She will stay up for you until the sun rise if shes in love with you. She helps you when you are hurt and keeps her promise.
Britney Leggo-Stott is like a little Caterpillar except when she bursts she turns into a dragon who scorches everything in her path when she pleases.
by Shock of Dreams October 16, 2013

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