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what the hardcore kids give instead of head.

see skull fuck.
Hardcore kid: "Do get head or skull?"
Unsuspecting human: "Wha... What?"
by Shnuubat October 29, 2008

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A genrally thoughtful boy, who is caring and loving. He is a major quarkster, too. Fall in love with this guy and everything will work out in amazing ways.
Dude, have you heard of Sean Kelly, he is so kick ass!

Oh, sean kelly? A true shnuu-master.
by Shnuubat November 22, 2011

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A non-white person, who constantly bangs/dates white women.

Often times, this is to counter their own internal vanilla-ness. WGS's are often pretty corny dudes, with much more of scoring in the community of small town white girls, looking to "broaden their horizons," through fetishing a sexual relationship outside of their race.
Oh that guy Deshon? Hella White Girl Slayer. His last two girlfriends were white, I think he's dating a Jew now. 100% vanilla ice cream.
by Shnuubat September 24, 2017

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