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Someone who will spill their feelings (or uses other's emotion) to get money, publicity, etc. A lot of times emotion whores start making up emotion and overplaying it.

Some examples of emotion whores are talk show hosts and therapists.

Not to be confused with an emotion slut who does because they can't shut up.
Oprah Winfrey is an emotion whore. She uses everyone on her show to get their emotions. That way people watch the show and she becomes filthy rich.
by Shizzlator June 21, 2006
The more consiterate and politically correct term to use during the holiday season. But no one really cares either way. Well, expect fanatical people who need a life.
Joe: Hey George, Happy Holidays!
George: OMG you anti-christian heretic demon!
Joe: Uh Merry Christmas?
George:There, now Jesus loves you again.
by Shizzlator December 19, 2005
What you do to the monster in the mirror. Originated from the song Monster in the Mirror from the TV show Sesame Street.
"Don't you wubba me or I will wubba you!" -Grover
by Shizzlator April 20, 2006
One shizza guy. He signed the Decleration of Independence first. He totally owned the other founding fathers.
If I live in the 1700's I would so go clubbing with John Hancock.
by Shizzlator June 8, 2005
Someone who will spill their feelings to anyone that breathes. This term can be applied to both men and women.

This is not to be confused with an emotion whore
You know Jill from the party? She is an emotion slut. As soon as I met her she complained to me about her childhood.
by Shizzlator June 21, 2006
Person 1: Lets go smoke some pot
Person 2: NO, thats the stupidest idea...
Person 1: Come on life is too short
by Shizzlator February 5, 2006