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The most idiotic person ever elected into office for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few examples.

1. Underqualified

2. Socialist

3. Liar

4. Supports the health care plan... which is basically a waste of one trillion dollars that makes our health care like Canada. For anyone who doesn't know Canadians are coming down to America to get health care.

5. Wasting trillions on "stimulus" packages that only drive us deeper into debt.

6. Being a real prissy when it comes to the war in Afghan. He needs to realize that we can't be nice to and make sure the terrorists that killed thousands of Americans feel comfortable, especially when most of America wants them dead.

7. People/organizations he's affiliated with... Jeremiah Wright (racist), SEIU (they do a LOT of things that the Constitution is supposed to STOP... watch Glenn Beck for once to learn more; the reason why Obama hates Fox News is that they expose the bastard he is), Bill Ayers (convicted terrorist), ACORN (voter fraud, helps underage prostitutes), and more.

8. According to some newspaper which I forgot the name of, he threatened those who oppose him with NATIONAL SECURITY. That's right, he threatened to shut down a major air base in Nebraska if some dude stopped writing articles that oppose his administration's actions. Real professional.

There's just a few reasons off the top of my head.

Also it seems Americans are coming to their senses. His approval rating is officially below 50%.
God damn it, we're all going to die in a second 9/11 if that retard in chief Obama doesn't get his act together and listen to General McChrystal!
by Shippandu December 18, 2009
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