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1. 6th through 8th grade
2. A place where you're only popular if you shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, American Eagle and other over-priced stores like that and you own at least one of those Vera Bradly bags. Everybody is in a clique and if you aren't popular you try to be "different" by being goth or emo, when you really are just trying to fit in and be cool within your own clique. Girls change boyfriends like they change their clothes and guys are horny idiots. Teacher bombard you with idiotic assignments then complain that its going to take all weekend to grade them. Everybody is obsessed with texting. People say they hate Twilight, but they have never read it or seen the movie. If you aren't into gossip, you might as well go and die because gossip is what keeps the school alive.
3. The worst part of your school life
Girl 1: OMG! Look at my new Vera Bradley bag! The pattern is extremely obnoxious! Isn't is sooo cooool?!?!?
Girl 2: Totes! I'm going to text Sally and tell her!

Girl 1: OMFG! Did you hear? Sally's going back out with Tommy!
Sane person: What's up?
Girls 1&2: You don't have a Vera Bradley bag! We can't be your friends anymore!
Sane person: Middle school is retarded...
by ShewolfLL January 11, 2010

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