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A fat whale ladies with a blubbery flabdomen. School principal/pedophile who hogs down on twinkies all friggin day in her offices and eats children when she cant get her insatiable appetite under control. Wears pajama jeans because nothing else will fit her giant fat blubber gut. Never wears any color because they are under the delusion that black and brown make them look slimmer. Likes to be a fat lard and loaf around in the office and can barely make it up the stairs and once they do make it up they almost pass out from the exercise cuz they are so outta shape. Passes stupid dress code rules because they are jealous that they can't wear trendy clothes And only has like five outfits that actually fit. Steals children's cake when they are in the office and scarfs it down like a slobbery walrus.
Did u see the worlds fattest person at the side show! They were a total Whelan!

Our principal is such a Whelan. We have to wear Turtle necks and pilgrim skirts to school because she is jealous of our attractive figures!

Did u see that Whelan wolf down that whole box of twinkies in one sitting! She has rolls man!! Even her eyeballs are blubbery!
by Shenaynay_ August 01, 2012

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