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A phrase used instead of "Oh my God!" or "Holy cow!" by Michael Jackson fans, as his most famous dance step was the crotchgrab.
D - S was with M last night.

by SharikaDubai February 25, 2011

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Dubai is a medium city, which was basically built as a tourist attraction. Some of it's many many many huge attractions include Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall and many many more.
People say it is not a good place to live. Well obviously, that's because it was BUILT AS A TOURISM PLACE. People say that Dubai is full of racists. It is NOT, being an Indian or a dark-skinned person in Dubai is respected. Dubai is NOT known for it's sexual abuse, as some people say, as much as California, or other American states.

Dubai, all in all, is a wonderful place to visit, and it's many shopping and entertainment centers will provide you and your family with lots of fun.
OMG, I like TOTALLY LOVE DUBAI, because I've actually lived here for 12 years, and know WAY more about it than the people who write on urbandictionary.com and think they know it all!
by SharikaDubai December 19, 2010

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