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Dating from the 1930s, Alfista is the name given to Alfa Romeo fanatics, much as the word Tifosi (meaning 'fanatics' in Italian) is applied to Ferrari fans. The plural form of the word is Alfisti.

As an American alfista, I have had to worship from afar since 1995, when the Italian marque waved arrivederci to the States.
by Shant Jaltorossian June 21, 2008

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A slang term for a small, boxy, fuel-efficient automobile with few luxuries.

Possibly the first econobox was the Austin Mini, first built in England in 1959.

Other well known economy cars like the Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat 500 and the Citro├źn 2CV are sometimes referred to as econoboxes, but do not have the requisite square shape of a true econobox.
Did you see that clunky, old Yugo? If that isn't an econobox, I don't know what is.
by Shant Jaltorossian March 12, 2008

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Japanese for "light vehicle". A class of vehicle that is very popular in Japan due to ease of registration and miniscule size.
"Dude, have you seen the new Suzuki Cervo? It's really nice."

"The kei jidosha?"

by Shant Jaltorossian July 10, 2008

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