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The hair between your spank bag and o-ring. If you're not shampooing that shit regularly, then it'll turn into.... Dirty Gooch Hair!

Dirty Gooch Hair can sometimes get dingleberries caught in it. Always try to soap it down with the families bar of soap so it don't stink like a black street urchin. Bitches don't like dirty gooch hair so try shavin that shit off or maybe perming it.

R-Kelly is known to braid his dirty gooch hair
Homie 1: Nigga you stink!
Homie 2: I didn't get to shower this mornin
Homie 1: Well did you at least wash out your dirty gooch hair?
Homie 2: Nigga I told you I didn't get to shower
Homie 1: Damn nigga you scarin' all da bitches away
Homie 2: (Shanks Homie #1 Dead) Lets see how you like it

(Homie #2 Dumps the steaming load he's been holding all morning on Homie #1)
by Shankmasta November 27, 2006
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Someone who's chin looks accustomed to having nuggets placed on it.

Someone who likes takin it in the mouth and restin the balls on their chin
Homie 1: Remember Julie?
Homie 2: Yeah I'm married to her now
Homie 1: Oh, She used to have a helluva nugget chin
Homie 2: what?
Homie 1: She used to take it from my all the time, man my nuggets were all over her chin
Homie 2: (Cock slaps Homie #1)
by Shankmasta November 27, 2006
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A trashy slum found in New England. Absolutely no redeemable qualities. All land in New Jersey is either highway, road, or roadside. The place is overrun with gangs and street pharmacists.
Son: Daddy, what's so good about New Jersey?
Dad: Absolutely nothing son.
Son: Then why is it a State?
Dad: Well it's a great way to get to New York
by Shankmasta November 27, 2006
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