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A term of endearment for something or someone you; love, like, lust, appriciate, enjoy, want or need.
!. Aww Shmeergan your so cute.
2. Walk into a room and see your favorite chips sitting on the table...Shmeergan! (no explanation nessesary)
by Shaneski February 20, 2007

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Blargscoptomy: (1)The lengthy response when an idiot explains something and their idiocy is exposed.

(2) It is a verbal stamp of idiocy on something someone says that takes them way to long to say and in the end nothing of value is said.
Friend 1: I wish I had a slush to cool me down.
Friend 2: Actually the drinking of a slurpie has been proven to increase the blood flow therefore actually making you more hot on a cellular level by making your cells move faster...
Friend 1: Blargscoptomy, your an idiot!
by Shaneski March 03, 2012

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