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A short/slang term for a butch emo.
I think the girl over there is a bmo.
by Shane18 October 29, 2006

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The l33t word used by pros to explain how funny they find the people in a game playing noob like.

Lmaopaper -> Laughing My Ass Off People Are Playing Extremly Retarted

Orgin from Laminated Paper
Closet Monster has changed name to Colin Snyder
Colin Snyder: Omg! Hax, you can't do that!
Kazix: Pwned!
Jedi.Toad: Wanna know the name of my hacks? Called skill!
Colin Snyder: Omfg!
Colin Snyder: OMFG! I googled it and nothing came up!
Noobcake: Lmaopaper! You suck!
by Shane18 November 14, 2006

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