2 definitions by Shane C. Gray

The type of question a woman asks a man when she doesn't have the money to buy her own chocolates.

This type of question may also be asked asked if her desk has been bereft of flowers for more than two weeks.
So the latest loaded question she asked me was if a pair of pants made her ass look less fat...I just bit the bullet...realized I couldn't win...and called the florist down the road. The owner said she was thinking of naming her newest flower and candy combo after my wife.
by Shane C. Gray March 18, 2011
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Text messaging acronym.

This may be used when you have just received text number 26 in the on going hour long text-a-thon with a friend you are trying to make simple plans with...and it has dawned on you that the entire thing could have been taken Care of with a 3 minute conversation.

SFTMC is the creation of Savannah stand up comedian Shane Gray...who hates text messaging more than a straight man hates Lady GAGA.
Dude...it doesn't take 25 texts to decide what bar we are singing Karaoke at.

Well I just can decide whether I will sound better at the Rail Pub Or McDonoughs or...

by Shane C. Gray June 24, 2011
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