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Persian (Farsi, Parsi, Iranian) word for Doe (Female Deer).

A persian (Parsi, Farsi, Iranian) male given name.
It is made of two parts. "Shah"+"ram".
Shah is extenuating for the word "Shah" meaning king and "ram" means Doe (female Deer). King of doe.
The perfect, omniscient, omnipotent being who rules beauty and excellent of its kind.
An attractive and strong Male who is deeply loved by mature and intelligent females.
Person named Shahram, in whole are loved and adored by people around them more by female than male.
Person named Shahram, are most likely a strong leader, kind hearted, loving person yet very sharp. They know exactly what they want in life and it is very easy for them to achieve any goals that they put their mind into it.
Person named Shahram are most likely sensitive to details and they will see every little things that they come a across of. Because of that they sometimes they over read things.
They have a very given personality and they are excellent in friendships.
They have a very clean heart and soul and they are far from being shady.
In the time of madness, they could raise hell, but they do make sure it is justified before doing so.
They have a very cool temper and they are very patient by the nature. It is very rare for person named Shahram, to get mad or frustrated.
Very loyal and mostly royal person.
They enjoy a unique sense of appreciation and taste of life.
A person to have on your side as he will look out for you.
Person named Shahram, is all for world of class, happiness and better feature.
I saw Shahram at the station.
Shahram is the one who can do this.
by Shahram_98k March 21, 2008
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Persian (Farsi, Parsi, Iranian) word for Doe (Female Deer).
What a beautiful Ram (Doe)!
In Ram che zibast.
by Shahram_98k March 20, 2008
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