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It's used to address a long object.

In case of using it for addressing a person, it means a tall lesbian girl. These people tend to be a bit slow because of the lack of oxygen, while the density of air is much lower up there!

in Electronics field it is a long stick for measuring the speed of the wind.
in eastern Asian countries, they are mostly used to pick the fruits from trees.
in history books, it's written that during the war they were used to spot the enemies 24 hours before the enemies arrive to perform the attack. It the past century they have been used as control towers in the airports and have have been replaced with new control towers due to extremely low signal transmission and causing crashes. Nowadays there are still used in some countries like Brasil for cleaning the big Jesus statue's head and in Japan, they are used as Tsunami alert combining them with a high-end technology that it sends the signal by reading the facial impression and immediately sending the alert signal because as it's mentioned above Nejras are incapable of fast signal transmissions.

Unlike Big-Foot and giants, Nejras are not a conspiracy theory. In Munich Germany, there is a current research to find out the origin of this phenomena and finding new uses for them. When the DW reporter asked the head of the research group about the progress he answered: "Let's get out and have a glass of wine"
-Oh, look there is a Nejra!
- I'm not sure, I think it's just a weather station
- well yeah! you're probably right, But I'm wondering why that tiny Shahram (third definition) dude is trying to talk to that thing!
by Shahram the third October 16, 2018
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