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Fun game with weak, completely outdated weapons.
The first killzone would have been much better had they ironed out some minor issues. I wish they would just set the series in 2025 if they are going to make the weapons so similar to today's.
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007
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Extremely overprescribed drug that is commonly handed out like candy. Can provide some 'numbing' effects for some, but corrects no real 'imbalance'. Much of it's 'help' is placebo effect related and it can be dangerous in many instances.
They don't need love, they're suffering from 'medical neglect', give 'em prozac!
by Shadow Creator September 03, 2007
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"That nigger". A moronic bastardization of the English language. Also an inflammatory comment, though many are too stupid to understand this.
It's not 'dat nigga'. The proper vernacular is 'that nigger', you FUCKTARDS.
by Shadow Creator December 03, 2007
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A word hurled both at people who are truly envious of something (often something really stupid) and cynics who don't give a fuck but just like to spite people because said people are dumbasses.
Cynic: Fuck these dumbasses, they're so obsessed with their money and stupid fucking cars.

random dickhead: fuck u ur just jealous nigga

Cynic: No, fuck you, dumbshit. I'm not jealous of your worthless and pathetic lifestyle.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
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Also known as 'brendon urine', the talentless, whiny, and pathetic hack of a lead singer who fronts the shitty pop band 'panic! at the disco'. The only people who think he's 'hawt' are 14 year old scene girls who tend to yell "OMFG LYKE BRANDAN URY IS SO HAWTZ". Also likes to put a lot of 'theatrics' in his music videos, making him seem even gayer. Of course, all the 'haters' are just jealous of this bullshit music.
Brendon Urie is a fucking worthless fag.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
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