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some freaky people who always knock on your door precisely during the middle of your dinner. Also believe that when they die they will become gods of their own planet, but only the men get a planet. Founded by Joseph Smith, who was previously convicted as being a con artist. They often piss you off.
The Mormon missionaries came to the door to preach to me, so I preached to them about the wonders of satanism and then told them if they did not leave my front porch they would be the main thing in my rituals. consequently, every Thursday evening I preform a blood sacrafice
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008
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one of the gayest sports in the world. Snowboarding is so much better. only old people and people from the Switzerland area do this sport.
Swiss person: I love to ski, ja!

American dude: You suck monkey tits

Gay dude: like....I don't like know.....i luvs to shki!!

80 year old dud: me too sonny... back in my day we had to hike up the mountain ourself, with a 60 pound backpack
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008
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