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When you want to have sex at that moment. You would want to have sex with any man-men/woman/girl at that time.
I felt so horny, I asked a guy at my school to come to my house. We went to my bed and we had soooo much sex. I loved it when his penis went up. Ohhhh Baby! Do it hardy! Oh YEAH!!
by Sexy thing June 05, 2005

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Great pleasure of all between the two genders. A male's penis pleases females alot by sticking there penis in and out of the vagina alot over and over, sticking the testicle into a woman's mouth to suck on, or stick the penis up her ass. For a woman: She lays on a bed etc. and let the men touch anything. Then she would lick the penis giving pleasure. Pleasure is reached when your sex-mate moans. Then both of you would lose your virginity.
The hot, great, sex lasted a dat because Ryan kept sticking his penis up Kathleen's vagina with great pleasure. They moaned alot. Then Kathleen laid spread-eagle on a bea with only her lacy black bra and red panties. Ryan took off evrything on him and her and started licking her breasts, and with his hands he kept tickling her vulva having fun. This was repeated.
by Sexy thing June 04, 2005

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