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Busch Light (the most popular beer in Pullman, Wa). Valued for it's cheap price as well as being so light on taste-it's actually comparable to water.
Beer Pong! Fill those cups up with some delicious Pullman Water.
by SexiLexi2113 February 17, 2009
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A 30 bomb is a case of 30 beers-most commonly located in Pullman, Washington-home of the Washington Stat Cougars. Most commonly, a 30 bomb will be that of Busch Light (Pullman Water), but is also available in other favorites such as Keystone Light or Key Ice.
"How many 30 bombs should we pick up for tonight?"
"How about just 2 since it is only Wednesday-I need a few homework beers"
by SexiLexi2113 February 17, 2009
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A beer (or beers) you drink while doing your homework. Often followed by getting trashed once homework is done. This is often done by college students who wish to participate in a "Wasted Wednesday" but who have homework due the next day-thus they drink while they work and by the time they are finished, have caught up to the rest of the party.
"Wasted Wednesday tonight?"
"I guess so-I have physics homework due tonight though."
"so how many homework beers tonight?"
by SexiLexi2113 February 17, 2009
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