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Not just -an- internet radio station.. Nocturne is -the- internet radio station.
1. Nocturne Radio, let the darkness embrace you.
2. Nocturne Radio, everything looks better by moonlight.
by Sephylight March 10, 2005
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ChiXX0r describes a girl with l33t h4xX0r 5k1llZ. Canadian ChiXX0r is, therefore, a ChiXX0r from Canada.

This term was originally coined to describe Starreh, the original Canadian ChiXX0r.
Person 1: That ChiXX0r was so l33t, she ownZed me in CS. Later on I found out she was from Canada.
Person 2: Lmfao. You got pwned by Starreh?
by Sephylight March 9, 2005
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Originally a typo of the commonly used emoticon <3, <4 is now used to convey a love so great that <3 simply cannot explain it.
Person 1: I love you. <3
Person 2: I love you MORE! <4
Person 1: :: Giggles and hugs. ::
by Sephylight March 4, 2005
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