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1) Someone who whishes they were Cockney so they can be cool, famous Mockney's include Guy Richie, Jamie Oliver, Lilly Allen, and Obvoiously Kate Nash.

Mockney Singer - Someone who puts on a fake cockney accent while singing to try and seem cool most commonly done in indie music, under the illusion it makes them seem troubled and world weary, but in reality just makes people seem like utter poser wankers
James "Oh! Hello famous singer slash song writer Kate Nash, how are you?"

Kate Nash "'Allo me old china plate - wot say we pop round the Jack tar. I'll stand you a pig's ear and you can rabbit on about your teapots. We can 'ave some loop and tommy and be off before the dickory hits twelve"

James "fuck you, Mockney wanker"
by Semaj_notnar April 26, 2008

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Short for Independant Rock. Music that is made by people that are too untalented for realy rock and too self aware to become emoand listened to by people that think they are way too hip for any other music, when in fact they are all tools. The staple lyrical content for the Indie genre is that off very sad relationships which becomes worse than emo becuase it's posed as being independant although it is all the same and in reality all very dependant on each other and huge record labels.

Most obvious bands that are Indie include

The Kooks
Tomos "Dude! did you hear the new indie band last night"
Sean "No! I was too bussy having a life and not trying to be obscure and failing"
by Semaj_notnar April 26, 2008

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