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A weapon from Halo 3 that took Bungie thirteen years to add as a player wieldable weapon. It first appeared, in a slightly different form, as the P'fhor Shock Staff in Marathon where it was only usable by the enemy Fighters, it came in to versions Melee and Melee with an Energy bolt as it's secondary fire mode. The Gravity Hammer is considered by Bungie fans to be a bit of a let down even though sending people flying with it is fun.
Bungie Fan 1994: "Hey Bungie, when can my character use the Shock Staff?"
Bungie 1994: "Never! And shame on the modders who added it into their weapon lists! I'm looking at you Evil Team!"
Bungie Fan 2007: "Yay! I finally get to use the Shock Staff! What? Only the melee version? But I wanted the one that shot energy bolts..."
Bungie 2007: "What? No it's not! It's the Gravity Hammer! Who told you it was the Shock Staff? We have a security leak! CODE RED!"
by Security Officer May 14, 2008
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The phrase used right before hitting some one with the Gravity Hammer in Halo 3.
1337Death: Stop! Hammer Time!
DeadN00b: Oh cra... PWNED
by Security Officer May 6, 2008
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