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The Wifehood and Sisterhood always go together. is usually a group of friends are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. This group usually consist of 4-5 girls who are AWESOME. They are not actually wives, it's just a saying! These girls will defend themselves no matter what. I mean, sisters before misters! They have group sleepovers all the time and have a blast. These girls each have a special personality. There is always the super-peppy girl, the sour girl (who is sweet on the inside!), the soon-to-be-famous girl, and the hilarious jokester girl. They are the coolest people EVER and will stick together no matter what. They have a ton of inside jokes and laugh about them all the time. To other people, these girls may seem SUPER WEIRD. It's just because they are the life of the party!

If you have A Wifehood or a Sisterhood THEN HOLD ON TO IT FOREVER!!! These girls are probablythe closest friends you will ever have, so be there for them forever.
"Hey, are those you best friends?"
"No, they are like my sisters. We have the sisterhood."
"Whats a Sisterhood?"
"A group of best friends who are basically sisters. Sister from a different mister!"
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by SecretsAboutNames February 14, 2017

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Stella is the girl that boys like, sometimes. This girl may like a boy, but she is mean to him. She acts as if she hates him. In return, even if he did like her, he hates her back. He secretly never wants to talk to her, but she wants to talk to him. He likes some of her best friends. He like the girl who always hangs out with Stella. The person who Stella links arms with at school and is always her partner in school. Stella gets jealous but keeps it to herself. Stella should be more nice. The boys talk about how mean she is, and her

friends now that. Her friends will do anything to protect her---thats why she has a great circle of friends!
Stella likes a lot of boys, but they don't always like her back.
"I like Stella."
"No, dude, go for her friend! She is so hot."
"You're right, Stella hates me.Or at least she acts like it. I like her friend now, her friend is nice."
by SecretsAboutNames February 14, 2017

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