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The act of having sex with a hand puppet, or a stuffed doll. In order to get the full effect of puppet love, it is recommended that an arm swimmie or other small inflatable device be put into the hand puppets hole to simulate a real human being. Puppet love is, in most cases, an act of sheer desperation to penetrate any object that will not mock the person doing the action.
Yo that kids got mad puppet love. I heard he fucked a barney doll last night.
by Sebastion Pico January 26, 2006
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When someone receives felatio while simultaneously having their balls cupped
Yo, last night i caught the raw hettles!
by Sebastion Pico March 21, 2006
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When a man ejaculates in a woman's mouth, and the woman passes the semen from her mouth to the woman's mouth sitting next to her. Usually this must be done at least 4 times before a true chain of custody has been established.
Jon: "Who has the chain of custody now?"
Brant:"I can't tell, all of their mouths are closed."
by Sebastion Pico May 09, 2006
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